Pekudei: Chapter 58

The fifth chamber of the Other Side, Sheol, corresponding to the name 'uncircumcised'


Rabbi Shimon tells us that the chief in charge of the fifth chamber, named 'enmity,' has a duty to stir up accusations in the world. There is another spirit in this chamber called 'robber'. All those who rob, who corrupt and destroy, and who kill by sword and spear emerge from this chamber and take their nourishment from it. We learn of spirits called 'spoilage' and 'famine'. As long as people do acts of kindness and give others food and drink these spirits are pushed away, but when Yisrael does not do acts of kindness the two spirits attack Yisrael. Rabbi Shimon tells how these spirits are also called 'foreskin', and are under the command of the spirit called 'Gezar Dinaya', or 'verdict'. 'Verdict' puts people in Sheol when they do not observe the sign of the holy covenant by having their sons circumcised. We are told of another spirit, 'Afrira', ashes of dust, who seduces people to stray from the path of truth. Lastly Rabbi Shimon explains the difference between 'first water' and 'last water,' or 'precept' and 'debt'. He says that Yisrael is blessed when God purifies them with supernal clean water.