Pekudei: Chapter 57

The fourth chamber of the Other Side, Debt, corresponding to the gruesome mud and a stone of stumbling


We learn that this chamber has to do with balancing the merits and sins of a person. The fourth chamber on the holy side is called 'merit' and holds a man's precepts or good deeds; the fourth chamber on the Other Side is called 'debt' and holds his sins. Then the scales are balanced on Rosh Hashanah, and one side or the other wins. If the scales tip to 'merit', the person is given life. If the scales tip to 'debt', he is delivered to death. If he is on the side of holiness God answers when he calls to Him. If he is on the side of defilement he has no one to answer him and he is far away from God. In this fourth chamber of the Other Side the 'strange Elohim' are found, and also everyone who incites men to prostitution and adultery. Rabbi Shimon tells us about the spirits called 'plague' and 'plague and pestilence'. He talks about how the unholy side is strengthened if the tables are not prepared properly on Shabbat eve. We learn that in this fourth chamber there are no children, no longevity and no sustenance. Rabbi Shimon reveals that those who curse arouse the serpent called "Leviathan, the crooked serpent," who brings curses on the world.