Pinchas: Chapter 36

To the chief musician, Give thanks, Rejoice O you righteous, Praise, Melody, Tune, Song, Blessing...


Rabbi Shimon equates the kinds of music and praise to the various Sfirot. After a question from the Faithful Shepherd, Rabbi Shimon challenges him to show why, if he was at the level of Binah, scripture says that God gave Hod (honor) to him. Moses' answer includes a description of the study of the divine Chariot, and we hear that this work can never be expounded upon by one person alone unless he is a sage who has merited Chochmah, Binah and Da'at.


A pure melody sings out from the Heavens to bespeak the final victory of the Light over the forces of Evil, and the demise of the wicked. The Letters Mem מ and Lamed ל, the Sfirot, Netzach and Hod, and the 72 Names light our souls with pleasure evermore!

In verse 195, Moses (the Faithful Shepherd) reveals a secret concerning the "fifty Gates of Binah." These fifty Gates correspond to the spiritual path of man, via Kabbalah, and Binah is the World to Come. The World to Come denotes the bliss, perfection, and ultimate fate of humanity. Thus, here we bring the Light of Binah into the present day so that our world is immediately corrected and filled with bliss.