Pinchas: Chapter 95

As a flame connected to a burning coal


We hear of the waters of the Torah emerging from the smooth precious stones that were derived from the stone called Malchut. The further explanation is that the Torah is actually the secret of Light because it consists of both Chassadim and Chochmah. From the right-hand side Malchut is called a stone, but from the left it is called a burning coal, and this appellation speaks to the vengeance that will be taken against the enemies of Yisrael. Rabbi Shimon talks about the events that will happen at the end of the Exile, when the two Messiahs will be connected with the Faithful Shepherd. At that time the Klipot that surround the Shechinah will be shattered into pieces and one of the three stones will be revealed. We are told that the Faithful Shepherd issues from upper Ima and spreads throughout the six Sfirot to the Righteous, and from there it waters the Garden that is the Shechinah.