Toldot: Chapter 8
The gathering of the exiles and the resurrection of the dead

The Rabbis here discuss the timing of the Resurrection after the coming of the Messiah. Using Torah verses, they demonstrate that it is possible to tell the difference between the timing of the Resurrection of the righteous from that of the good. We're told that the evil people of our world will not experience Resurrection. Rabbi Elazar expresses his sorrow at the thought that the vast majority of mankind will have to wait longer than the righteous - although those who repent during their lives help advance the time of their own Resurrection.


Evolving a consciousness of repentance is the first step in hastening our own redemption and eventual Resurrection after the arrival of the Messiah. The Light of this passage stimulates feelings of repentance and helps hasten the arrival of the Messiah, and thus, Resurrection for the entire world.