Vayera: Chapter 24

Amon and Moab


The original Serpent in the Garden of Eden ate fruits from the tree, which is also interpreted as drinking wine. Through this action, two negative energy forces came into existence - [do not pronounce] malcon, and peor. The Zohar expounds upon these two negative forces and how they manifest into our world to influence man. The two children born from an incestuous relationship between Lot and his two daughters were the physical manifestation of these two forces. King David, who is a descendant of these offspring, used this tremendous negativity as a tool to take control over the two negative forces. According to the laws of spirituality, in order to attain genuine control over any situation or force, one must have some connection to it. It was destined that King David be seeded with this negativity because he was ingrained with the spiritual strength necessary to take control over it. The moment man seizes control over any negative aspect of his nature, for example, the trait of jealousy, he immediately influences and minimizes the force of jealousy in the entire world. The envy that lurks within in the hearts of all men is rooted in one source. This principle holds true for all negative qualities.


Mankind's natural instinct is to treat multiple symptoms, as opposed to curing the one underlying and unseen cause. All of our negative traits are rooted in one source. We gain control over our own negativity and reactive impulses and their source and origin by virtue of this passage. Moreover, we connect ourselves to any negativity that we came into contact with at prior times in our life and take control over and diminish the root of these forces as well.