Vayetze: Chapter 24

"And it came to pass, when Rachel had given birth to Joseph"


This is an enigmatic passage in which the rabbis comment on the symbolic and mystical importance of Jacob's leaving his father-in-law, Laban, and going into the Land of Israel, once Joseph has been born and Benyamin has been conceived. For these commentators, Leah symbolizes the upper world, or all that is mysterious in life.


Jacob's ability to evolve spiritually was limited during his stay with Laban. His going into the Land of Israel is a metaphor for his readiness to ascend to the level of the Upper World. The lesson for the reader is this, our physical location is a mirror of where we are spiritually. This passage awakens us to the importance of constant forward motion, both physically and spiritually, in order to continue the evolution of our souls, which is the very purpose of our life. Moreover, the act of meditating upon these verses helps our soul ascend to higher levels.