Vayikra: Chapter 66



We are told by Rabbi Shimon that some people attain a Neshamah, some attain the awakening of the Ruach, and some attain only the Nefesh. The latter cleave to the defiled side, and the evil side comes to these people in dreams to tell them some true things but also some false things about what will happen in the near future. We read about the three grades of evil ones. We are told about what happens to the soul of man at night when it rises while he sleeps. When the righteous who have attained a Neshamah go with the doe at midnight, they are adorned with her before God. Rabbi Shimon says that there is a difference between Yisrael and the heathen nations, in that even a man of Yisrael who has only a Nefesh still has a supernal grade on him; if he wishes to attain a Ruach and a Neshamah, he merits it and thus attains it. But the heathen nations can only attain the Nefesh. Rabbi Shimon describes the fire consuming fire, the fire that consumes the defiled side, and says that the man who brings his offering stands beside it and he is forgiven.