Vayishlach: Chapter 28

"...who found the Yemim in the wilderness"


As Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Yitzchak travel, they see a mountain with strange creatures circling its peak. Rabbi Elazar assures Rabbi Yitzchak that he need not fear these creatures, since only he who fears his sins has cause to fear, and he begins a discussion of the title verse. The Yemin, we are told, are descendants of Cain. They are unnatural beings created from the side of evil spirits at the moment when the Sabbath was about to be sanctified. Though they are able to put on bodies once a day, they remain bodiless because they were disowned by both the sixth and the seventh days. Because the Defiled Spirit cleaved to him, we further learn, Ana was able to find these spirits and they taught him of matters pertaining to defilement. But whoever walks in the ways of God may encounter them without fear.


We have all felt the influences of the dark forces roaming through this physical dimension. The energy of this particular passage wraps us in the protection of the Light. This shields us from evil spirits, while strengthening our resolve to connect more devoutly to the Light in all our endeavors.