Bereshit A: Chapter 13

Moses and Jacob


Moses possessed masterful control over the supernal worlds, far greater than the patriarch Jacob had achieved. For this reason, Moses became the leader of the generation of the desert, and it is said that there will never be a generation as great as the generation of Moses. The Kabbalists teach that in the End of Days - which is the current era - the generation of Moses will return, to finish the work of revealing the totality of Light that emanates from The Creator. In fact, we are that generation. Though the memories of the scorching heat of the desert and the radiant Light of Sinai may be lost to our conscious minds, it is vital for all of us to recognize who we really are. Therein lies the power and truth of the Zohar's words. Each letter fills us with strength to accept our responsibility, and to fulfill it through spiritual work and self-transformation.