Bereshit A: Chapter 14

"Let Us make man," part one


When Rabbi Shimon hears a voice calling "Shimon, Shimon," he realizes that it is the voice of God, because no mortal would dare omit the designation of "Rabbi" when speaking his name. This is not, Heaven Forbid, a suggestion by the Zohar that Rabbi Shimon was prideful.

Rather, it gives evidence of the profound greatness of this sage and mystic, who was recognized by all creation as the true Light of the world.

A subsequent discussion concerns the origin of man and the great spiritual powers that were imbued into his essence by The Creator.

From these passages we come to recognize the eminence and holiness of Rabbi Shimon. Without this recognition, we cannot truly connect to the Light of the Zohar. We also gain recognition of our own spiritual worth. This is crucially important, because a lack of spiritual self-worth is our greatest hindrance in achieving lasting fulfillment and well-being.

Failing to recognize the true spiritual essence of our being is to neglect all spiritual truths, including the laws of cause and effect.

When such a failure occurs, we become blind to the consequences of our intolerant and self-involved behavior.