Bereshit A: Chapter 41

"Let there be Lights"


Here discussion turns to the two great Lights in the sky, the sun and moon. The Zohar explains that when the moon was diminished in size, this also diminished the spiritual Light in our physical world of Malchut - and the resulting darkness created an opening for curses. Interestingly, the Hebrew word for "curses" is Me'erot .מארתThe Hebrew word for Lights is Me'orot .מאורות The singular difference between the two is that the word for curses lacks the Hebrew letter Vav ו. The usual translation for this word as it appears in the Torah is Lights, which is how the word has been read in synagogues all over the world throughout history. If this is true, what was the thinking behind changing Lights to Luminaries? Nevertheless, the actual written word in the Torah is curses minus the letter Vov.

The secret meaning of this passage remains hidden without the light of the Zohar to reveal it. According to Kabbalah, we pronounce the word as Lights because, when spoken, the word reveals the very Light it describes. This action replenishes the spiritual Light of the moon, removing darkness and eradicating curses from the face of the earth.

Another secret pertains to the creation of the negative and evil female angel Lilit, whose name we do not pronounce. She came into existence at the moment the moon was diminished. The concept of curses and the childhood disease known as croup were also created in this stage.

Protection from curses, croup, and other negative forces is bestowed when we scan and learn this section of the Zohar.