Bereshit A: Chapter 40

The waters conceived and gave birth to darkness


Rabbi Yehuda offers additional insights into the concept of boundaries. Though we must respect and consider the boundaries of all people, this does not preclude the exchange of ideas and debate between parties, provided it is for the sake of Heaven and not for ego gratification. A spiritual debate between two distinct points of view can enhance both parties, as expressed by the adage, The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This occurs when dialogue takes place with sharing and mutual respect.

It is incumbent upon us not to argue for the purpose of unduly influencing others toward our own position. By all means, we must respect their differences while trying to enhance their lives within the context of their own boundaries.

Come and behold: these waters conceived and gave birth to darkness. Based on this secret, it is written: "And the veil shall be for you as a division between the holy place and the most holy (lit. 'the Holy of Holies')" (Shemot 26:33).