Beshalach: Chapter 17

"Yah is my strength and song"


Rabbi Chiya reminds us that the Holy One, blessed be He, created the world and created man to dominate everything in the world; He brought him into the Garden so that he should have joy. He commanded him not to eat of one tree, but man did not obey. If Adam had observed the commandment, he could have lived forever and stayed in the Garden forever. He knew the supernal Wisdom more than the supernal angels did; yet after he sinned the wellsprings of Wisdom became stopped for him.

Adam emerged from Male and Female, says Rabbi Aba, as the Nukva was the partner of Zeir Anpin. Rabbi Yosi holds that "Yah is my strength and song" refers to those that are included one with the other and do not separate one from the other. From them the rivers flow to bless everything. Rabbi Chizkiyah then analyzes the verse, "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity," telling us that the children of Yisrael are called brothers of the Holy One, blessed be He. From Rabbi Yisa we learn that the Holy One, blessed be He calls 'beloved' everyone who loves Him and serves Him with love. Rabbi Shimon tells Rabbi Yehuda that every person who weeps and sings to God will merit joy when Hashem returns Zion.