Chayei Sarah: Chapter 9

"To mourn for Sarah, and to weep for her"


Through the rabbis' Kabbalistic discussion of the relationship between soul and body, we explore the allegorical nature of the Torah's stories and characters. For example, Abraham represents the righteous soul after it has departed this world, while Sarah represents the physical body left behind. Next we are informed of what occurs immediately after death, the soul usually revisits and mourns its body for seven days before ascending to the higher world. In the case of a wicked person, however, the soul may find itself bound to the earth and the discarded body for up to a year. But at the death of spiritually advanced people, such as Abraham, the holiness of the body itself merits special protection until the time when all the dead shall rise from their dust. This phenomenon, we discover, explains several otherwise baffling passages of scripture.


The Torah's message and the Zohar's mystical insights are intended for the here and now, so that our future may be peaceful and secure. By gathering the forces released through the name Abraham and these revered words of wisdom, we elevate our physical body to a higher level of spiritual purity.