Chukat: Chapter 6
Moses, Aaron and Miriam

Rabbi Shimon tells Rabbi Yehuda that Miriam died because the death of the righteous atones for the world; when she departed the well that accompanied the children of Yisrael in the desert was gone. At that time the right was weakened and the sun was dimmed, and when Aaron died the right was broken and the sun was darkened. Rabbi Shimon says there has never been a generation like the one in which Moses, Aaron and Miriam all lived. Even in the generation of Solomon they drew from the moon, that was full, rather than the sun, as in Moses' time. Rabbi Shimon talks about Joshua, who labored to inherit the land of Yisrael but did not attain the full completion of the moon; he toiled for Yisrael under the sun, Moses, for he did not have light of his own. We learn that every place where Solomon mentions "under the sun," he is speaking about his own level, Malchut. Rabbi Shimon says that whoever is attached to the moon without the sun reflects the first sin in the world, the sin of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.