Chukat: Chapter 9
"Aaron shall be gathered to his people"

From Rabbi Chiya we learn that when Solomon said, "So I praised the dead that are already dead more than the living that are yet alive," he meant those who had already been reincarnated more than once and have returned from the dead to redeem their earlier actions. We are told that the just deserve to reach a level higher than all the holy angels and their levels, that is the Upper Eden. Those who have less merit occupy a place below, the lower Eden that is located over the terrestrial garden. We hear about the difference between the higher Eden and the lower Eden. King Solomon said that the spirit that has not come down and is still in its original state is better than the dead or the living because it has not yet sinned and needs to receive no punishment. "But better than both of them," is the person who are innocently righteous that keep all the precepts of the Torah and stay attached always to God. Rabbi Chiya talks about Moses removing Aaron's garments and giving them to his son Elazar, and about God preparing a bed for Aaron at his death. Rabbi Shimon says that Miriam, Aaron and Moses each died in the place that was appropriate for them, and he describes some details about this. He concludes by saying that when punishment is decreed over the children of Yisrael it is voided by the righteous who are in God's presence above.