Emor: Chapter 13

"Whoever he be of your seed in their generations that has any blemish"


Rabbi Yitzchak tells us that a blemish on a man testifies that he has no faith and is therefore unfit to serve in a holy place. Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Shimon test a passerby who has a defect in one eye, asking him who is the happiest man in the world. They find that the passerby is not a faithful man because he places all importance on wealth. Rabbi Elazar talks about the written Torah and the oral Torah that cannot dwell on a blemished place. When Zeir Anpin and Malchut are united, everything is whole, all is one, and no place is defective; then the Congregation of Yisrael is called 'whole.' The priest must be unblemished and so must the offering. Rabbi Yosi says that when the dead rise from the dust at the resurrection they will rise with the same body they had, and God will heal them. We read of the ceremonial importance of eight days in the timing of some events. Rabbi Chiya says that God first offered the Torah to the children of Esau, and the earth trembled until it was given to Yisrael.