Emor: Chapter 33

Rosh Hashanah


We learn that the day of Rosh Hashanah is a day when the moon is hidden and the world is under Judgment. God allotted the prosecutor a specific day in which to demand all the punishments in the world so that the fear of God would increase. He wants the world to know that there is judgment and there is a judge. Witnesses come on the day of Judgment and testify about all the deeds of everyone in the world; these witnesses are called the eyes of Hashem that see everything. We are told how everything is put down in writing, and how someone's verdict can be torn up if he repents. God prefers people to be saved from punishment; His love for His children overcomes His love of judgment. We hear the explanation of Isaac's blessing of Jacob instead of Esau, and of how this relates to the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.