Ha'azinu: Chapter 60
From the book of physician Kartana

We learn about the things written in the book of a physician called Kartana, who wrote about the care a wise physician needed to take of people who were sick. A correspondence is made between sick people and those who are ill in the sense that they cannot worship God. God wishes there to be a wise physician who can help people to get well, that is, to repent and atone for their sins. If the physician can administer medicine for the body, it is well, but otherwise he should give a person healing for his soul. God will bless such a physician in this world and in the World to Come. We hear that some of the remedies in the book of Kartana were permitted for use and some were forbidden. Rabbi Elazar had had the book in his possession for twelve months, and learned many mysteries from it, but eventually he was told in a dream that he should not use the book, so he gave it away to Rabbi Yosi. Rabbi Elazar concludes Ha'azinu by blessing God for abolishing witchcraft from the world.