Idra Raba: Chapter 8

The opening of the eyes


Rabbi Shimon says that the eyes of the white head are different from other eyes in that they have no membrane cover and no eyelid, because they never sleep. Everything that comes down on us with compassion has no cover over the eye. We hear a description of the three whitenesses in the right eye and the three whitenesses in the left eye, and how they illuminate, rising and descending. The eye of Arich Anpin is never closed and it consists of two eyes reconstituted into one; he watches over everyone and keeps everyone safe. Rabbi Shimon says that the righteous will see this eye of Arich Anpin in the future with a spirit of wisdom. He tells how the hidden book reveals that everything gets illuminated from the ever-attentive watch of the lower eye of Zeir Anpin that receives light from the eye above. The eyes of Zeir Anpin are not always open; these eyes open upon some people in judgment if they are not righteous. We learn that the name of the Atik is the most concealed of all and is only mentioned openly in the Torah in one place. Rabbi Yehuda tells about the throne of Atik Yomin (Ancient of Days).