Kedoshim: Chapter 3

"You shall be holy"


Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Chiya say that the words of Torah are superior to all sacrifices, and even one who has had a judgment decreed against him can have his penalty canceled because of his study of Torah. Healing is found in the Torah, and its function is to purify the unclean, as the Torah itself is constantly in a state of purity. There is also a promise that if one studies Torah one shall become holy. Rabbi Yosi says that as men purify themselves below they are purified on high. We read about the time when mating is appropriate, the moment when one is consecrated. Rabbi Aba also talks about when man is called 'one,' and the role of the Tefilin in creating this unity. When a man and woman are clinging to one another in body and soul, then God dwells in their unity and gives them a holy spirit for their child.