Pinchas: Chapter 15

The patient's pulse in the exile of Edom


The metaphor of Yisrael as a sick patient is used to show how the children of Yisrael are faring while in exile. With the description of the ten blowings of the Shofar we see how the length of the exile and the coming redemption are indicated.


Each of us, individually, is Israel. The exile spoken of in the Zohar is our exile; namely, the lack of health, fulfillment, and joy in our life. Healing, redemption, and freedom begin here with the mighty and majestic blast of the Shofar. The duress that has marked our exile is hereby decimated, for the Redemption is now upon us. Our hearts are healed, spiritually and physically. Cardiovascular ailments are remedied. The pulse of man begins to beat strong and slowly like that of an Olympic champion.

The Zohar comments on an oath that concerns the Creator waging war with Amalek. Amalek signifies the doubts and uncertainties that blemish our hearts and disconnect us from the truth of the Light. Amalek is now slain by the laser-like beams of Light that shoot out from the Shofar. The song of freedom is heard around the world through the musical arrangement of the Yud Hei Vav Hei, the 72 Names, and the pulsing, rhythmic reverberations of the ram's horn.

The Zohar reveals that the righteous suffer sickness to atone for the sins of their generation. Here, the Zohar plays the role of the Righteous, absorbing illnesses on our behalf. The Light of Healing is ignited by this phenomenon and we use it to heal our ailments. But Light is limitless, endless. Therefore, a deadly surprise is in store for the Other Side: We now utilize this Light of Healing and shine it back upon the virtuous souls among us who suffer for our generation. By blessed irony, we, the common reader, can now heal the Righteous, using their own Light and sharing it back with them in deep gratitude for their unconditional support.

In addition, this dramatic display of energy destroys all disease and sickness that exists in the collective body and soul of man. All sins - from the time of Adam until now - are atoned by the Light of these divinely inspired verses. They nullify the power of the Other Side.

[Verse 107] Rabbi Aba recalls a time when he asked Rabbi Shimon why the righteous are punished for the sins of a generation, and was told that this atones for the sins of the world. He had said that all mortals are parts of the one body. Rabbi Aba learned that usually one righteous man is sufficient to atone for everyone, but if there is too much sin then more righteous men are stricken. When the righteous die then everything is healed and atoned for.