Shlach Lecha: Chapter 26

The sanctuaries of the female souls


The emissary tells Rabbi Shimon about the sanctuary where Batyah the daughter of Pharaoh lives, and how she goes out to see Moses' image three times a day. Batyah and the other women are clothed in light bodies and study the Torah. In another sanctuary there is Serach the daughter of Ashur, with many other women who study the Torah; she goes three times a day to see a light in the image of Joseph. In another sanctuary lives Yocheved the mother of Moses with many other women, and three times a day they all thank and praise God, and they sing the song of the sea. The fourth sanctuary of the Matriarchs is that of Deborah the prophetess. The emissary talks about the nightly coupling of the souls - soul to soul, light to light. Those unions produce the souls of those who get converted; this is the secret meaning of "The fruit of the righteous is a Tree of Life."