Shlach Lecha: Chapter 32

The garments of that world


Rabbi Shimon knows that those he is speaking with are dressed with the dear robe of a purely holy body and wonders whether anything similar happens in this world. He is answered with the story of Esther who put on her royal apparel and went to see King Ahasuerus; he saw her clothed in a robe of light and he lost his soul for an instant. Mordechai too was enshrouded in the robes of that world. Rabbi Shimon understands that the just in this world get shrouded with the robe of Malchut. The Satan wants to prevent the righteous from being garbed in the pure and holy garment because as soon as they are so robed all the Evil Inclinations are removed. The spirits tell Rabbi Shimon why they visit the cemetery at the beginning of every night.