Tetzaveh: Chapter 1
"And you shall command"

This passage tells about the Shechinah, Zeir Anpin and the Nukva in the context of building the Tabernacle. In the title verse, Rabbi Shimon finds that "And you" is written to be inclusive of the Shechinah. Rabbi Yitzchak believes that the Upper Light, Zeir Anpin, and the Lower Light, the Nukva, are included in that phrase. He says that the sun, Zeir Anpin, dwelled in the moon, the Nukva, and they came together to dwell upon the work of the tabernacle. Rabbi Shimon talks about the Shechinah that is called 'heart' and the Nukva that is called 'heart', so that when the sun dwells in the moon everything is replete with everything. We are also told that the unity of the name "And you" includes male and female, and therefore all that are wise-hearted. Those who built the tabernacle were able to do so only after the Holy Spirit secretly whispered to them how it should be done, since the Holy Spirit is alluded to in the name "And you." Rabbi Shimon prays that the Supernal Light will not move away from the Lower Light, because when it does, light is not present in the world; it was because of this that the Temple was destroyed in the days of Jeremiah. And although the Temple was later rebuilt, the light did not return properly even then. The name Isaiah brings redemption and the return of the Supernal Light, and the final rebuilding of the Temple. Rabbi Shimon explains that vast significance of the two names Jeremiah and Isaiah, one meaning 'shall rise' and the other meaning 'salvation', and tells us that it is the combination of the letters in names that brings about action according to their meaning, both good and evil. The letters of the Holy Names cause supernal secrets to appear according to the meaning of the name, for the letters themselves cause holy, supernal secrets to appear in them.