Tetzaveh: Chapter 2
The secret of the letters of the Holy Name

In this section, Rabbi Shimon expounds upon the shapes of letters and vowels. He tells us that the Sfirot of Chochmah are called 'dots', corresponding to the vowels. The purpose of all permutations of the Holy Name Ayin-Bet is to reveal the wisdom in thought. Rabbi Shimon then talks at length about the Holy Name, and says that the entire secret of the Holy Name is based on the letter Yud, while the first Hei is the secret of the sanctuary. We learn that there are large letters above and small letters below. There are holy supernal letters above in Binah that are drawn only by a willing of the spirit and heart, without any speech at all. And there are lower Holy Names in Malchut that are drawn by speech, and by directing thought and will towards them. There are also other names below, of the Other Side. The Vav in Yud Hei Vav Hei is the secret of the form of man, and the last Hei is Malchut. The Vav between the two Hei's, therefore, unites the Upper World, Binah with the Lower World, Malchut, and they become one.