Trumah: Chapter 78

Cain, Abel, Seth, Enosh, Mahalalel


The young man tells us of the first generations, of how the letters formed and combined to make Cain and Abel and Seth and Enosh and Mahalalel. And the deviation, caused by the sin that was in them because of the serpent, began to be straightened out in Mahalalel; yet it was not truly improved until the children of Yisrael stood on Mt. Sinai and received the Torah. Only then were candle and Light repaired together. The world, however, was still in pain and sadness until Noah came.

Next, the young man says that he comes from Babylon and is the son of Rabbi Safra. He was banished to their land and was afraid to speak of Torah because everyone there was so knowledgeable in it. Rabbi Yosi weeps, and they all rise to kiss the young man's head. The young man also explains that he has not joined yet with his wife, although it would have been lawful, because he did not yet know the prayer after the meal.


The drama of mortal existence began with temptation, disobedience, expulsion, jealousy, and murder, the same ills that still beset us today. Connecting with this passage corrects the sins of the recent and distant past. As the goodness and wisdom of the young husband were hidden, the goodness and wisdom of our souls have been concealed through the ages. These ancient texts awaken the righteousness within us so the Light that shone on Mount Sinai reappears, and the knowledge of the Torah's deep mysteries immediately circulates throughout our world, ushering in the age of the Messiah, immortality and boundless joy.