Yitro: Chapter 20

"And Elohim spoke"


We are told here of God's admonitions to his chosen people so that they will merit the World to Come and be worthy of the heaven above, Zeir Anpin, and the earth above, Malchut. Rabbi Shimon explains that the heritage of Jacob bestowed through Isaac's blessing means that Jacob and all his descendants will be revived by the dew of heaven, that is, raised from the dead in the time to come. When Elohim spoke, each word rose and descended, was watered with the heavenly dew, encircled Yisrael and brought back their souls. Then it was engraved upon the tablets of stone, and each word was like a treasure house full of precious secrets and laws. He who occupies himself with the study of the Torah, of its secrets and laws, is saved from the fire of Gehenom, and this is due to the merit of Abraham, who pled for the children of Yisrael. Lastly we are told that the smoke that came out of Sinai was the Shechinah who manifested Herself there to the people.