Yitro: Chapter 27

"Remember the Shabbat day, to keep it holy"


This very long section tells of the blessings and joy that accrue from observing the three Sabbath meals properly. He who blemishes one of these meals will be made to bear three burdens, judgment in Gehenom, Armageddon, and pre-Messianic tribulations. We are told that on festivals and holidays one must share with the poor. Because all the Faith is centered in the Sabbath, a man is given an additional soul on this day, and all judgments are withheld. Rabbi Yehudah tells us that the Sabbath is of equal importance to the Torah, and that one who keeps the Sabbath is considered as having fulfilled the Torah. Rabbi Shimon tells about the verse "For thus says Hashem to the eunuchs," explaining that those who study Torah are like eunuchs for six nights but on the Sabbath they have conjugal union, this being the right time to unite the Matron with the King; then they are blessed with good and holy children.