Bereshit B: Chapter 26
The First chamber of Yesod and Malchut: Livnat Hasapir (Sapphire stone)

This chamber is our connection with the Upper Worlds, from which we draw spiritual Light through our prayers. Without the connection known as the first chamber, we cannot access the Upper Realms.

The term Sapphire refers to a spirit called Sapir.

The word stone refers to the moon. The mystery of this connection is found within the Hebrew word for stone, which is Livnat לבנת.

Livnat is rooted in the Hebrew word for moon, or Levanah לבנה. Kabbalah teaches that the moon has no Light of its own. Therefore it represents the physical world, which is signified by the stone. (join this together)

The Sapphire gemstone glitters and reflects Light, which is illustrative of the Upper Worlds that emanate the Light of The Creator. The stone and the Sapphire are the physical expressions of these two worlds. The First Chamber is the portal and interface by which we join our world (the stone to the upper world (the Sapphire), where the spirit Sapir dwells. In this way, the spiritual Light is able to enter our lives.