Idra Raba: Chapter 30

The nose of Zeir Anpin


Rabbi Shimon explains the smoke that went out of the nostrils of Zeir Anpin, saying that the smoke included fire and coals of fire. The black and red smoke corresponds to anger and hot displeasure and the destroyer. We learn about the many powers existent in Zeir Anpin and how they spread in His body; they all begin to emerge from the nose until all the Gvurot are heated and wander around until they descend to the bright blade of the revolving sword. As a result of the sins of the wicked, compassion is overturned to justice, in that Atik Yomin does not appear on Zeir Anpin so Zeir Anpin activates justice. Rabbi Shimon says that the separating note between Abraham, Abraham and Jacob, Jacob indicate ?? that the first name is incomplete and the second is complete. In Hashem, Hashem the first Yud Hei Vav Hei is whole, but the second Yud Hei Vav Hei is complete in its entirety, being Zeir Anpin during the period it receives from the thirteen Corrections (formations) of the beard in Arich Anpin. Moses brought down the thirteen measures of compassion from the Holy Atika below. Rabbi Shimon describes the two openings of the nose, the first of which emanates smoke and the second of which emanates a consuming fire. The nose must smell the sweet savor of the smoke and fire that ascend from the offering in order that it will sweeten the judgments.