Ki Tisa: Chapter 6

The Exile goes on


Rabbi Chiya says that the exile has gone on for a long time, but still the son of David has not come. Rabbi Chiya answers that the pledge that God has guaranteed them enables them to bear their exile; otherwise they would never be able to tolerate it. Although everything depends on repentance, still there are many people who will not repent. We read a story about the mother of a wayward son, who weeps for her child who has been exiled by the father, and thereby persuades the father to take him back. After the son sins again, the father exiles both the boy and his mother. The story shows why God exiled the children of Yisrael to Egypt. We read that God wants the children of Yisrael to be as a reflection of above, perfect lilies like the supernal lily; therefore he sowed seventy couples that were seventy souls and put them among the thorns that were the Egyptians. Then the thorns grew branches and ruled over the world, with the lily blooming among them. When God wished to retrieve his lilies the dead thorns were cast aside and destroyed. During the exile in Babylon the children of Yisrael sinned greatly, and Malchut pleaded with Zeir Anpin on their behalf. When they sinned again God exiled them together with Malchut, their guarantor. We are told that if people repent, even one pain that they have undergone will be considered as though they have suffered all the pains of exile; if they do not repent, they must wait until all the generations that precede the end appear.