Pekudei: Chapter 19

"mountains of brass"


Rabbi Shimon speaks about the brass that is used in the building of the Tabernacle for the sockets and the ministering vessels of the altar and the brass clasps. He says this is 'wave brass' that is called "mountains of brass," and that they are the male and female of brightness (Nogah). The 'brass sockets' are compared to sentries, who guard what is inside the gates yet stand outside the gates. The 'ministering vessels of the altar' are so called because they help the souls to serve. Rabbi Shimon also tells us about how the gold in the Temple is connected to the gold above, Gvurah, the silver to the silver above, Chesed, and the brass to the brass above, Tiferet. The colors intermingle and become united, the gold clasps bind the curtains together, and the brass clasps bind the Tabernacle together. The clasps shine like the blazing stars in the sky, and the fifty clasps of gold and the fifty clasps of brass face each other and shine.