Pinchas: Chapter 54

Mystic speculations on the divine Chariot and prayer


Moses speaks about the Amidah prayer, and says that everyone should pray quietly so that his neighbor cannot hear him. He says that prayer can be learned from what is said about the sacrifices. We hear about Rabbi Akiva discussing the Work of the Chariot, and we are given another explanation of the rainbow.


This complex section discourses on the mysteries of the Amidah prayer. In doing so, all the spiritual forces that ignite through this spiritual connection are summoned forth. The Light of Mercy, through the dimension known as Chesed and via Abraham, shines on us. This mitigates judgment, thereby eradicating chaos and suffering from our life.

The Central Column, the key to an infinite illumination of Light, is strengthened in our soul and in the world so that we forever resist the selfish desires of the Left Column, transforming ourselves into souls who receive for the purpose of sharing.

The power of the ancient sacrifices resurrects here to arouse Mercy and to appease the negative forces with the burning of impure fats. Our hearts and the nation of Yisrael are healed and strengthened. Our arteries and Yisrael's relationship with the other nations are cleared of obstructions, creating harmony and a constant flow of Light.

All of our prayers are strengthen and empowered so that they are answered speedily.