Shemot: Chapter 41

"And he said to his people"


Rabbi Shimon begins the discussion by explaining that the title verse refers to the supernal minister over Egypt who revealed to the Egyptians that the minister over Yisrael was stronger than theirs. Rabbi Shimon then clarifies the distinction between "King of Egypt," which refers to the supernal minister over Egypt, and "Pharaoh, the King of Egypt," which refers to the actual Pharaoh. Similarly, we learn from Rabbi Yitzchak that in the title verse, "the people of the children of Yisrael," refers to the children of the supernal Yisrael above. While the other nations are called the people of their appointed rulers, the children of Yisrael are called the people of Hashem because they are the only nation directly under God.

Rabbi Yochanan then asks about Balak's reference to Yisrael in the verse, "Behold, there is a people come out from Egypt." Rabbi Yitzchak explains that sorcerers prefer to avoid all ambiguity, and therefore when referring to someone, they mention only the mother's name because only maternal descent is certain. Moreover, the demons also adhere to this strict code. Rabbi Aba, however, interprets Balak's reference as one of contempt that implies that the origin of Yisrael is unknown. The discussion then turns to expound upon the concept that God punishes His own children first so that they will guard against sin more than the other nations. Rabbi Yosi provides a personal incident to illustrate this idea, and concludes that God punishes students of the Torah so that they will not separate themselves from the Tree of Life (the Torah) for even a moment.

Finally, we learn from an episode involving Rabbi Yitzchak that an earthquake is a physical sign of the appointment of a minister in heaven who will cause suffering to Yisrael. This is in accordance with the verse, "For three things the earth is disquieted..."


A man's wicked tendencies are not part of his soul, nor do they emanate from the Light of the Creator. Each selfish and unkind impulse is rooted in a higher, negative force that attempts to seduce us into immoral behavior, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Genuine positive change can only occur when we uproot the source of our dark side. Instead of treating the symptoms and branches, we must probe to the unseen cause and seed, the spiritual DNA level of our darkest impulses. This passage of sacred texts delves deeply into our spiritual being to extract the root of our Evil Inclination. This Light also reaches into the Upper Worlds to banish forever the negative forces (the snake) that nurture our dark side.

Not only do we rise above all negative cosmic influences that have ruled human existence for millennia, but we transform these dark and demonic forces into positive forces of Light that do our soul's bidding. Light becomes the only reality, and peace and tranquility become our eternal treasures, as the truth of the Torah shines throughout the world.

Finally, this passage heals the earth, preventing earthquakes from taking place, for there are no longer any negative forces dwelling on high to trigger their occurrence.