Pekudei: Chapter 40
"And Moses erected the Tabernacle"

Rabbi Shimon discusses the verse: "In that day will I raise up the Tabernacle of David that is fallen," and talks about how Moses raised the Tabernacle as if lifting someone who has fallen. He tells us that God lifted up Yisrael from the exile in Egypt. While God did not perform miracles to raise up Yisrael from the exile in Babylon, he will do so in future. Rabbi Shimon talks about the Tabernacle that Moses built and the upper Tabernacle (Binah) that Zeir Anpin built, saying that Zeir Anpin is the grade of Moses. We hear of the three aspects that went into the erection of the Tabernacle and how they subdued the Other Side. He turns to "and fastened its sockets," explaining that when the sockets were fastened Samael was flushed out and fled to hide himself in a hole in the dust. 'In that day' refers to the day that God will judge the world. Rabbi Shimon tells us how the ruins of the Tabernacle will be raised on that day and the breach against the wicked will be repaired. God will build the foundations of Jerusalem with sapphires because sapphires are full of the highest illumination and provide a firm foundation that the other nations will not be able to rule over. At that time a supernal illumination will be added to the sapphires as well. The original stones from the foundations of Zion and Jerusalem were hidden and treasured by God, and He will restore them to the new foundations. The Angel of Death will be swallowed up just as he swallowed the people for all these years. Rabbi Shimon tells us that when Moses fastened the sockets in the Tabernacle he bound the evil Samael up so he could not move. Rabbi Shimon tells Rabbi Yosi about "the heaven is My throne, and the earth is my footstool," saying that they are the firmaments where Jacob lives and the firmament where King David lives. He explains the difference between a Tabernacle and a Temple or house, emphasizing that a Tabernacle travels from place to place, it is not an eternal resting place, it is a secret small place. We learn why Moses withdrew from the construction of the Tabernacle and why Betzalel and Aholiav built it, and are told that Moses is still considered to be the builder since he finished it.