Pekudei: Chapter 47
The chamber of the very heaven - Hod

Rabbi Shimon tells us that the second chamber is more hidden than the first, but that it also pertains to faith. He says the chieftain in charge of this chamber is Urfaniel, and that he deals with all the souls who were executed or killed by other nations. We are told about the 'cup of consolation' and the 'cup of bitterness'. This second chamber is called 'chamber of splendor' and it is lit from above and below. We are told that all the cherubim come from Hadarniel, the spirit of the left. Next we hear that in this second chamber is a chieftain called Tzidkiel who is appointed over the garments, and when the souls of the righteous ascend he takes them to the river of fire. After their cleansing, Tzidkiel clothes the righteous souls with their garments and brings them to the Angel Michael as sacrifice to Atik Yomim. Rabbi Shimon says that by the mating of Urfaniel and Hadarniel all the other rulers appointed over the world were created. These are the six winged Seraphim. We also learn of an living creature that rules over the Seraphim; he is called Yofiel, and has all the keys of Wisdom. He rewards all people who pursue Wisdom. Rabbi Shimon tells us of pillars that are in charge of singing and pillars that are in charge of chanting. He explains that it is from the second chamber that prophets who achieve their wisdom through visions or through dreams draw their inspiration, but Moses drew his prophecies from a higher level.