Pekudei: Chapter 56

The third chamber of the Other Side, Dumah, corresponding to the name 'foe' of the Evil Inclination


Rabbi Shimon says that the third chamber has no light in it at all. It is called 'Dumah', and has four openings with a chief in charge of each opening. He describes the openings, the procedures where the verdict is passed, the spirits in charge of deaths, the spirits called 'wrath and fury'. He says that thousands of spirits come out of 'wrath' and 'fury' and make people who are studying the Torah sad instead of joyful. We learn that Moses was afraid of these spirits when Yisrael sinned by making the golden calf, as we read in: "for I was afraid of the wrath and fury." We read about the spirit appointed over the 'evil tongued', the serpent that sheds its skin. Rabbi Shimon says that when the serpents below shed their skin this arouses serpents in the 'pit', and all of this is caused by people speaking evil. In the same way when people study the Torah, many angels called 'the holy tongue' are united and join with holiness above.