Pekudei: Chapter 60

The seventh chamber of the Other Side, the dregs of wine


We learn that the seventh chamber is the chamber of the dregs of wine, the dregs produced by the pressing of the bad grapes. Rabbi Shimon says that Eve gave Adam a drink of the dregs of wine and thus sent him to this seventh chamber. This is explained as meaning that she brought death to Adam and to all the generations after him. We are told of those who come to this chamber, defiled spirits, those who frequented prostitutes, and bastards. The seventh chamber corresponds to Gehenom, and in it there is a point from that all the other evil spirits come out and roam around the world. Rabbi Shimon also talks about the spirits ruled by 'Nesira' ('sowing') who weaken the unholy side and perform miracles for people who are not evil. From the seventh chamber the 'fire of a strong wind' emerges that judges the wicked of the world. We hear of the blazing spirit of fire and snow called 'Tzalmon' who also comes from here. Rabbi Shimon tells about four openings in the seventh chamber that face outside; in each opening the kings of other nations who did not oppress Yisrael are allowed to stand sometimes and see the light from the side of holiness. Rabbi Shimon concludes this description of the seven chambers by saying that we should remain on guard against the aspect of the serpent manifested by these seven chambers, and remember that even if we are saved from the head we are not necessarily saved from the tail. It is wise for men to avoid sinning so that the serpent will not bite and kill them.