Ki Tetze: Chapter 7
"At his day you shall give him his hire"

The Faithful Shepherd says that one must pay his hired servant on time, and tells us about Metatron who is the messenger from the eighteen worlds and who receives the eighteen blessings of the Amidah prayer three times every day. We hear about the Shacharit service, the Minchah service, and the Arvit service, and there is emphasis on charity to the poor. Moses talks about the stranger, who is anyone outside his own place, and in this sense every person on earth is a stranger because his soul has come naked from the other world. Whoever repents and returns his soul to its place is as if he returned God and His Shechinah to God's place. Next the Mishnah sages tell Moses that the two Messiahs cannot redeem Yisrael without him. Moses says that when reciting the benedictions of the Amidah prayer a man should at first be as a servant arranging praises before his master, and then as a servant receiving wages from his master, and then as a servant who received his wages and is now going on his way. We hear that God tells Metatron that he will recognize the presence of the Shechinah in a prayer by looking at the purpose of the prayer, and seeing if the prayer was said to give pleasure to God.