Shlach Lecha: Chapter 48

The Tzitzit (fringed garment)


Rabbi Yitzchak says that any person not fortunate enough to become adorned in this world with the covering of a good deed stands in a soiled garment and stands trial for it in the next world.

[Verse 324] We learn about the reason for wearing the tzitzit, and for the plate of pure gold that must be gazed at. We are told that there is blue in the tzitzit to remind people to fear God and we learn about the strands on the tzitzit.

[Verse 336] Rabbi Yehuda tells us that God has many witnesses to testify for a person, all of whom provide counsel for the person. If he listens to them all is well, but if not they testify about his iniquities above. Rabbi Yehuda tells us what a person is reminded of when he dons the Tefilin and the tzitzit. He reminds us of the precept to remember all the commandments of God. Rabbi Shimon says that God is destined to extricate the children of Yisrael from the exile, and in that day His name will be praised throughout the earth. God will perform signs and miracles in the world, and His name will be One.