Behar: Chapter 7

The joining of the Holy One, blessed be He, and the Shechinah


Rabbi Shimon speaks to the deans of the Yeshiva, telling them how the Shechinah is the sacrifice for God since she comes near Him with each of His Sfirot and with the total connection of male and female. He says that a man without a wife is like a half body and the Shechinah will not rest on him, and that God is not called 'one' unless united with the Shechinah. From the aspect of Atzilut there is no separation between God and the Shechinah, as the Shechinah is His unity, His blessing and His holiness. But when she is outside of Atzilut then she is not one with Him. Rabbi Shimon says a long praise to the Cause of Causes, the Endless Light. He talks about the commandment of fearing the Temple, that concerns the service of the Levites in the Temple, and the commandment of the daily incense to God. He tells us that not all the sages of Torah are equal, nor are all the prophets equal, as some of their prophecies are superior to those of other prophets. Some prophets prophesy from sight, some from hearing, some from the mouth, some from the breath of the nose, and some from the hand. There are also different grades of meaning in the Torah, different levels of sacrifices. Rabbi Shimon says that people must send their offerings to God via the Shechinah, and she distributes to everyone. One should never sacrifice to the Other Side because all the other Elohim are of the world of separation. Rabbi Shimon goes on to say that every kind of incest is equal to worshipping idols of the Other Side, and God separates those who sacrifice to the Other Side from His Name. He gave Yisrael the Torah from His Name, so they should make themselves partners with Him.