Pinchas: Chapter 68

Internal organs


Rabbi Shimon explains to his son the secret of the inner organs, telling him about the wings of the lung that are like the wings of a dove covered with silver, Chassadim.


Here we are told that the illumination of the Left is the source of all illness. That means that egotistic behavior, which includes anger, rage, jealousy, hostility, and self-indulgence, is the source of all illness. This causes the heart to burn, unless a wind from the lung can blow upon it and cool the fire. The angels Raphael and Tzidkiel represent the lungs and liver, which is mercy, and it flows to us to bring health and salvation to us and the world. Here our lungs receive the divine Light of healing. The fire in our heart is extinguished by cool wind from our lungs. Our anger is calmed by the angels Raphael and Tzidkiel. By reading this passage, we give our lungs the capacity to eliminate our anger. As our sins multiply, the health of our internal organs slowly begins to deteriorate. The brain, representing Mercy and the Creator, now sweetens and silences all judgments that have been building up in our hearts as a result of our iniquities. We atone for our sins as our hearts and internal organs are healed of physical ailments. Brain afflictions are also treated in this profound passage. And atonement extends to the nation of Yisrael, promoting peace and good will throughout the world. These vital benefits are bestowed upon us by virtue of the Torah's Light and the spiritual energy arising from the Sh'ma prayer connection.

[Verse 402] Moses tells Rabbi Shimon about the inner meaning of the brain, the heart, the lungs and the kidneys, further refining his interpretation of the brain, which he says is the Throne of Mercy.

Next, we learn that the kidneys correspond to the Sfirah of Gvurah, which is Judgment. Accordingly, readers are able to heal and remedy kidney disorders and diseases.

[Verse 409] From Rabbi Shimon we learn about the spleen, called Lilit, and the liver, called Samael or the Angel of Death.

Verses 409 - 410 tell us that (do not pronounce this name) Lilit corresponds to the spleen and (do not pronounce this name) Samael is the liver. Lilit is the root cause of death in children, and Samael is the Angel of Death who comes for adults. These two verses in the Zohar heal children of sickness and disease. In turn, the Light that shines here brings death to Lilit and Samael, causing the demise of the Angel of Death himself!

Meditating upon this passage on Mondays and Wednesdays further enhances the positive effects achieved by this sacred book, striking the two demons at the root and seed-level of their evil existence.

Esau, the evil son of Isaac, also corresponds to the liver. Esau represents all those people who abhor the spiritual path and Light. Like the liver, they accept both the purities and the impurities of life, not differentiating between good and evil. Jacob, Isaac's righteous son, represents our heart, which only accepts the pure blood, the same way that the righteous always choose good over evil. The Light cast from this verse purifies Esau. The verse purifies all the nations and our internal Evil Inclination, as wickedness is banished forever from Creation. Healing and harmony takes place in our bodies and among all nations of the world.

[Verse 411] Moses repeats some of the information from earlier sections and adds the fact that anger comes from the gall and that anyone who is angry is the same as an idol-worshipper. We learn that the Shechinah wraps the body that is sick in order to heal it, but the totally wicked person is surrounded on all sides by the Angel of Death.

The Light of the Shechinah wraps us up and completely heals us, freeing us from sickness and disease, particularly those related directly or indirectly to the immune system (verses 413 - 414). The Angel of Death is tightly wrapped up in this same Light, but he is suffocated and then snuffed out of existence. Our immune system is strengthened to perfection.

All stomach ailments are treated and remedied in verse 415.

[Verse 415] We learn that the stomach is one sixtieth part of death.

Sharing this Light with others in need solidifies the demise of the Angel of Death.

[Verse 416] The Faithful Shepherd tells us about the Good and Evil Inclination in each part of the body, about the four kinds of offerings and elements and Holy Beasts.

[Verse 422] The grinding of the stomach is likened to the distribution of the offering.

[Verse 423] Again Moses uses the organs of the body as a metaphor for sacrifice, the distribution of nourishment, and the acquisition of wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

All the body parts, internal and external, are liberated from the Other Side - the Evil Inclination. The profound truth that all illness is firmly based in negative human behavior becomes instilled in our consciousness, removing doubts and skepticism, paving the way for the ultimate healing of our bodies and souls.

[Verse 435] The six rings of cartilage in the trachea and the air and voice that blow through them are likened to the functions of the Shofar.

[Verse 436] The Faithful Shepherd tells us that voice is made from water, wind and fire, and he explains how the heart gets understanding.

[Verse 439] Rabbi Shimon says that the esophagus is the stage of offerings by fire.

The remaining verses expound in cryptic language upon sublime matters concerning the relationship between the organs of the body and their correlations to supernal worlds, spiritual beings, ancient sacrifices, and the Temple. Most relevant to the reader are the healing benefits reaped from these verses. They refer to the disorders and maladies of the heart, the circulatory system, and the respiratory system, especially the structures and organs that have to do with breathing - the nasal cavities, the throat (pharynx), the larynx, the windpipe (trachea), the airways (bronchii), and the lung tissue.

Finally, because all this spiritual wisdom has been lost, the companions of Rabbi Shimon, the author of the Zohar, state: "Alas, Rabbi, when you depart from the world, who will reveal to us such deep and hidden secrets that have not been heard from the days of King Solomon until now? Happy is the generation that hears such matters! Happy is the generation amongst whom you are! Woe to the generation that will be orphaned without you!" For the last 2000 years, all the generations were the orphans who suffered without this great Kabbalist in their midst. However, through the worldwide revelation of this wisdom in our generation, Rabbi Shimon lives among us. Thus, happy is our generation, forevermore.