Prologue: Chapter 14
The night of the Bride

The Zohar examines the holiday of Shavout (Holidy of the Weeks), when the presence of the Creator enjoins Itself completely to our physical world. Shavout connects us to the original revelation of Light that occurred on Mount Sinai. The union between the presence of God [The Light or Shechinah] and the physical world produced total perfection. The Light on Sinai radiated with such intensity that it banished the dark forces of death and decay, and the Israelites experienced true immortality. Likewise, the forces transmitted through the Aramaic text of the Zohar arouse the spiritual energy of immortality, and remove the power of death from our lives. The Kabbalists reveal a secret concerning the force called Death: it not only strikes and affects the physical body, but it is also the unseen motivating force responsible for the demise of relationships, prosperity, and happiness in any form.