Shlach Lecha: Chapter 13

The head of the Yeshivah (Torah academy)


This section records the start of a supernal experience of the rabbis. They hear a mysterious saying that is eventually explained to them. They heard a voice saying that whoever stops shall be stopped, whoever curtails shall be curtailed and whoever curtails shall be prolonged. The rabbis hear many secrets and are then deemed worthy of going to a higher level. They are given a rose and inhale its fragrance, as the illumination of wisdom is called scent. They learn from the Mishnah scholars thirty laws that they hadn't known and other secret meanings in the Torah. They see people digging graves and dying and immediately reincarnating with bright holy bodies. They hear another set of riddles full of hidden meanings. We hear of the heads of the Yeshivot and how they travel with Aaron and fly like eagles to the Yeshivah of light, the Yeshivah of Moses. The face of Moses is radiant so that it cannot be looked upon, and there is a curtain between him and the wise men. Acting as an intermediary, Aaron takes Moses' explanations to the heads of the Yeshivot. We also hear how all the virtuous women of the desert generation came to Miriam to study about God. The generation of the desert is the most blessed because they left the Yeshivah of Moses and flew to the Yeshivah of the firmament, Metatron; those who are worthy take flight to the highest Yeshivah, the Yeshivah of God.