Shlach Lecha: Chapter 14

The difference between Tam and Tamim


Rabbi Ila'i explains why Abraham was referred to as Tamim (perfect) while Jacob was referred to as Tam (perfect) and says that the difference has to do with the fact that Jacob was more perfect, being circumcised. With the wholeness of male and female together, Tam takes the letter aleph to become Emet, truth, as in "You will show truth to Jacob." When Abraham circumcised himself he entered into Tam and also into its levels that are together called Yam, ocean, thus becoming Tamim that combines the letters of both; thus he was connected with the right. Everyone should contain the holy levels and be Tam Yam in order to be able to accept the aleph, the secret of Jacob, to become Emet or truth. Rabbi Ila'i tells us how Malchut is covered on the outside with blue that was taken from the ocean so that those who look at her with the evil eye will draw the blue color that is judgment; internally, however, all the colors sparkle in her and are embroidered with the light of Chochmah. Similarly the man who wears the blue tzitzit becomes Tamim every day. He becomes elevated afterward to higher levels by the wearing of the Tefilin, to the levels of Zeir Anpin. It now appears that seven days have passed since the righteous rabbis began their supernal experience, and Rabbi Ila'i now tells them the explanation of the six sections of the mysterious riddle they heard earlier.