Tzav: Chapter 5

Burnt offering, sin offering and guilt offering


Rabbi Shimon likens the plain interpretations of the Torah to dry wood and the mysteries of the Torah to fresh wood. He talks about the sacrifices brought for the positive and negative precepts. We learn about the ways of the Halachah where one must look carefully for any explanations or pieces that seem to be missing in the Mishnah, and we find that Moses and Elijah are those who help to teach those who study the Torah, and help to explain its mysteries. Rabbi Shimon says that the sight of the burning bush was mentioned five times, and this sight is revealed on ?? the 248 positive precepts that are the five books of the Torah. He talks about the concealed wisdom of the Torah, and says that only Moses saw directly into the shining mirror, the secret of Chassadim of Zeir Anpin. The Faithful Shepherd, Moses, tells us about the burnt offering, the sin offering, the guilt offering and the peace offering. We hear that Elijah will come and separate Malchut from the Klipot, which will happen at the end of the correction. Guilt and sin are like adhesions that restrict Malchut from flying up to Zeir Anpin and blowing by the Holy Spirit.