Vayera: Chapter 29

"And Hashem visited Sarah"


A beautiful discussion takes place between the great sages concerning the mysteries of the resurrection of the dead and the events that will unfold at the End of Days. The End of Days will see the dawning of an abundance of spiritual energy, unprecedented in human history. The determining factor as to who will harness this energy and generate a radiance of Light and who will short-circuit and suffer, will be based upon one parameter, treating our fellow man with human dignity. Whereas in the past, the consequences of our intolerant behavior were delayed for years or even lifetimes, the End of Days will see the distance between cause and effect contract and the repercussions of our actions, positive or negative, will be felt immediately. Judgment and mercy will co-exist side-by-side.


According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is the behavioral interactions of mankind that drive the cosmos, establishing the positive and negative conditions of our global and personal existence. We arouse compassion and mercy towards our fellow man in order to ensure that we connect to a positive manifestation of the End of Days.