Yitro: Chapter 11

And you shall behold the secret of the lines of the hands


We are told that God impressed spiritual mysteries upon the palm and fingers of a person. The mystery of the palm is of the letter Caf. The skin, bones and sinews are compared to things in the supernal realms. Returning to a discussion of the face, we read that it is only possible to discern a person fully when the face is without anger, but is shining and serene. Much reference is made in this whole section to the firmament, the heavens and the stars. At the end we learn that Moses had no need of these signs by which the wise recognize the wise, for he was informed by the Holy Spirit; King Solomon knew these things and was able to judge because of his throne, but King Messiah will judge by the fragrance. And these three were able to judge the world without witnesses. All others who are wise in these signs must warn people, and try to heal them.